Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wow You Must Have A GREAT Camera!

Speaking on behalf of photographers everywhere, I felt like this had to be said. Now please make sure to not take this personally, because I know so many people have said this to fellow photographers as well as myself... but saying that your photographs are great because we have a nice camera drives us a bit crazy! 

Basically, saying that a photographer takes beautiful photographs because of their expensive camera is like saying a chef makes delicious meals because he has a fantastic oven.
Photo Credit: http://www.thephoblographer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/d7000_18_105_top_l.jpg

 Now, while it is true that our great big expensive cameras help us a great deal, there is oh so much more that goes into it! You know that little "M" on the dial on the SLR...that stands for "manual". Using manual mode is (in itself) really a lot of work. It takes us months, sometimes years, to perfect it...and I know that I am still trying to do just that. 

Also, every time we hold that expensive camera in our hands, we have to take the time to critique the lighting. The angle, the exposure, the highlights, the shadows, the reflections (and whether or not to use and where to place reflectors) and then adjust those manual settings accordingly. We then have to take into account the position of the subject, the placement of every single aspect of that subject, how the lighting is hitting that subject, what is going on behind (and in front) of that subject, and create a focal point before we can even press the shutter button. 

Also that reminds me of another misunderstood photographic concept. When you receive photos that have a very blurred background, that is referred to as bokeh and it is something that is indeed very calculated. In fact, it is hard to create that perfect bokeh and when we do we get pretty excited! So if you want shots that are of nature, take a snapshot...portraits are focused in on you :)

After we take that shot it isn't over. We come home or to our office and eagerly load the photos onto our computer and start one of the longest processes...editing. We adjust the warmth, the brightness, the shadows, smooth things, enhance other things, and so on until we achieve that beautiful final product.

I had to draw a bit of light on this "touchy" subject...all I ask is before anyone takes for granted how the camera "magically" creates your beautiful portraits, take the time to realize all that goes into it. I pour my heart and soul into creating photos that are beautiful enough to hang on your wall, not just click a button...and I love every minute of it.
I wish I could give the creator credit of this one, it has been circulating on Facebook for sometime and I found it appropriate for this blog :)

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