Friday, June 15, 2012

Feature Friday, Featuring Stacy Shaeffer Photography | by Angie Hollenbeck Photography | Lacey/Olympia Area Photographer

This week's feature is another photographer! Oh how I love looking through others work!

Stacy Shaeffer Photography is located in Southeast Michigan. Stacy dabbles in a little of everything from maternity to family shoots, through weddings and boudoir. Her work has a vintage feel to my style... it is soft and creamy with yellows and flowy styles. It really has a whimsical feel to it!  

I asked Stacy to "TELL ME MORE!"...and this is what she had to say:
"I enjoy the process of documenting a family's journey through life. I have clients that I have photographed their maternity sessions, newborn sessions and on through their family sessions and their subsequent children. It is such a blessing when a family calls you back for another shoot.
I enjoy shooting with a lifestyle journalistic view. A peek into your every day life. The best portraits are those unposed. The quiet moments that you don't even know I am shooting.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fantastic photographer, please check her out!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Giving Back 2012 | Lacey/Olympia Area Photographer

Recently  I read an article about a family that was dealing with one of life's toughest cards- their little girl was battling cancer. Being a mother (and an aunt) I cannot fathom what that family is going through. During this time, it was important to the mother to find a photographer to take their family photos. Anyone that has (or knows anyone that has) dealt with a medical emergency or a long-term illness is aware of the insane medical bills, so affording a photographer (when you need one the most) can be an issue. So, that got me thinking...maybe its time to simply give back to someone in need, or someone that deserves it. Hence the campaign "Giving Back 2012". No matter what it is they are dealing with (or have dealt with) in life- whether medical issues, financial hardship, the loss of a loved one, etc...all stories will be read and considered. Also please note that the actual story will not be publicized in any manner.

How Will it Work?

 First let me state that this session will come with a disk, so financially there is absolutely nothing that is required.  

Nominations will be excepted June 15th- July 15th only.

In your email, please tell AHP the following:

1) Name of person/people being nominated.
2)Relationship to those nominated
3)A brief description of the person/family
4)Their story/why they are deserving
5) Location of those nominated
6) Email in which you can be contacted
7) Lastly, attach a photograph

Send nominations to

(Any nominations given via Facebook will not be accepted, so please be sure to email at the address provided. You will receive a reply when your nomination is received.)
*Facebook is in no way affiliated with Giving Back, 2012.*

Once nominations are received, the top three will be chosen and an email will be sent to the address that was provided.

 Then voting will began. 

Voting will run from July 16th- August 1st only.

 In order to vote, you must first "like" Angie Hollenbeck Photography. During the voting period, the families name and photo will be in the "Giving Back 2012" Album (located in Photos).

 Once again, it will just be the name and particular information regarding the nomination will be included. This is the time to urge friends and family members to get on, like AHP's Facebook page, and vote!

The winner will be announced on my Facebook page and blog only so please check on and around August 2nd.

The winner must email me within 48 hours of the time voting closes to claim their session or the one in 2nd place will be chosen.

2nd place receives $50.00 off session price
3rd place receives $30.00 off session price

(The sessions must take place within 15 miles of Lacey, WA.)

I urge you to please send an email if you or someone you know deserve this free session. Thank you and I cannot wait for your stories to start filling my inbox!