Friday, June 1, 2012

Feature Friday, Featuring Lorelei Taylor Photography | AHP Blog | Lacey/Olympia Photographer

This week I am UBER excited to feature Lorelei Taylor Photography, located in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area. She is a mentor of mine as she has been ridiculously helpful anytime I had a question, so I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU as well! Now onto Lorelei's gorgeous work...

  She specializes in newborns, children and family portraiture. Her goal is to be a family historian of sorts- to create beautiful pieces of art to hang on the wall for generations! I LOVE that!!!
Lorelei was kind enough to go a bit more into depth about her business, her passion, and he inspiration:

"Growing up my mother always had a camera in her hand.  Living in a scenic vineyard town on the edge of vast Lake Erie there were so many opportunities to capture beauty.  She photographed anything and anyone that would let her. (See diptych photo below for an example of a photo my mom - Mary Gollihugh - took of me combined with a photo I took of my daughter, Peyton both at age 7.)  I already knew I had a soft spot for photography but when my mother passed away suddenly 5 years ago I found photography as a great coping mechanism; bringing me closer to her in times I needed her the most.  Photography for me is far beyond hobby or career. It's deep-seated in my soul.  It's a visual heart beat."  

"Children are only little for a moment.  This fleeting moment is so often overlooked.  We push our babies to sit up, crawl and soon walk.  Before we know it they are walking out the door to college.  But a photo lasts forever.  These visual time capsules are a way to make every fleeting moment count.  When a new mother is brought to tears seeing the sweetness and innocence of her beautiful baby it is priceless.  So cover your walls, fill your photo albums and rejoice in the small little beings we brought to life.  You won't regret it for a moment."

If you are in the D.C. area, you definitely want to give this girl a call and book a session. Not only is she amazingly talented but her passion shows in each and every photograph she produces. 

Lorelei's Contact Information:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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