Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cents & Compliments

I have had some major inspiration lately and as a photographer I feel RENEWED! It sounds silly and really quite cliche but once in awhile, you need to have one of those sessions that just kick butt. This past weekend, I had not one but two of these! Sometimes, it takes these sessions to remind a photographer (and small business owner in general) that you do not need to justify your work or pricing and you are worth every single cent and compliment. Even if family and friends see my profession as a "cute hobby" or a passing trend, every now and then a client reminds me that this is so much more.

Nine years ago, I was a high school senior dreaming of living on the West Coast ("check!" only I am a bit more north than I had imagined) and was planning on owning my own salon (ok, no "check!" there). I went to cosmetology school straight out of high school and was bound and determined to cut and color my way to riches. Well, obviously, that didn't quite work out as planned. Half way through, I realized that was NOT the industry for me...quite simply said, I did not enjoy being in a room with that many high maintenance ladies. I then decided since I adored my niece and nephews (and really all small kiddos) I was going to get my degree in Early Childhood Education...and I did follow that through. Shortly thereafter, I had my own babies and realized how ridiculously QUICKLY they grow and I wanted to capture every single cute facial expression, outfit, stage, and milestone. That created my love and passion for the art of photography. 

I seriously jumped into the business aspect and started working on my portfolio without knowing a single thing about business or even the specifics of my camera. I had some fantastic client's that encouraged my work and I felt the drive to keep on, and learn as I went. Two years later, I feel so blessed to have people still trusting me to take their photos and capture their memories. I can see the improvement in my business sense and in the technical aspects of my work...and I hope others can as well. For the first time since I started on this crazy journey, I am starting to feel like I am worth the cents and compliments! Thank you to all who have encouraged and appreciated what I do :)

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  1. Well I think you have an adorable niece and nephews....and so do I!!! Very proud of you Ang. You do realize I am a bit jealous since I wanted to be a photographer when I grow up. By then maybe you will be teaching it!!