Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Milestones & Stages! Angie Hollenbeck Photography | Lacey/Olympia Area Photographer

The last few weeks have been quiet around here as there has been a lot going on! My oldest son turned six (tear) and my two younger children have birthdays (two days apart) in the beginning of October so I have been racking my brain with gifts, photo sessions, and trying to remember to mark down each milestone. I saw this idea of Pinterest awhile back and decided to pick a photo of my kiddos and write down a few unique things to their age. 

So with BIRTHDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, and more birthdays on my mind I decided that instead of simply marking the milestones down on my children's photographs,  that I would offer it to clients as well. So, with that said, below are a few examples of what I now offer! This is a complimentary service to those with children (and/or pets) that they want photographed. All I need is a list of things they are into currently and I do the rest!

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