Friday, April 27, 2012

Feature Friday, Featuring Nikki Sue Photography!

This week, I am featuring Nikki Sue Photography located in San Antonio, Texas! Nikki Sue Photography specializes in children and seniors and she does some stellar work! 

I asked her to tell me a bit more about her lovely business and this was her reply:
"While I specialize in both children and seniors, I have to say that senior girls are my most favorite sessions to date! Children are fun and energetic and full of life, but you don't always get to get that gorgeous sunset shot or the attention span you were wishing for like you can with seniors!  Senior girls love the camera.  They love to feel beautiful and want to look like the gorgeous models in the magazine!  They have a "free spirit" sense about them once they open up to the camera. Often times, they are open to themed sessions and other artistic ideas as well, which is always a real treat for me!"

I can relate Nikeya! I have recently discovered the magic of working with young ladies! 

To check out more of her amazing work or to book a session with Nikki Sue Photography, please contact her at:

Contact Info: Nickeya Laycock 210.373.8395

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