Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gloom & Doom

Gloom and doom. Rain and clouds. Will it EVER end? Please tell me that I am not the only one feeling this way. I typically try look at life with my glass half full...but the last few months have me  facing a half-empty mentality.  

I realize I just have a bad case of spring fever. Moving from the Southeast part of the United States to the Northwest will do that to you! Endless days of rain, occasionally mixed with snow is starting to drive me a bit crazy! I have been reassured (over and over) that it DOES get better. I'm doing my best to be patient...I really am. Now it wouldn't be so bad if I could "get out in it" like the locals recommend. However, having a baby makes that next to impossible.

The other "issue" is how much this affects the success of my business. Being an on-location, natural light photographer, a majority of my work is done outdoors. I am thinking I may have to re-think my strategy there! I know its possible to get plenty of work with natural light indoors, but in my home that is NOT the case. I seem to have the worst indoor lighting, ever. One of my favorite photographers (Photography by Megan, based out of Northwest Minnesota) does on location photography as well...but sometimes utilizes whatever light is available in her client's home and takes absolutely gorgeous photographs. I am thinking I may have to use her as an inspiration! This week I did take the time to purchase a camera sleeve, so if any clients are willing to brave the elements, so am I.

This blog is for no other purpose than to possibly bring a bit of color and inspiration to the dreary days we are enduring here in the lovely state of Washington. The above photo is of my beautiful daughter, taken on what seems like the only truly pleasant day we have had since moving here in October. I had debated on removing my husband from the photo but it sort of tells a story (he has her back) so I found it appropriate to leave him there. I find myself almost craving sunshine when I see that photo!

I also thought I would include "How To Feel Miserable As an Artist" gave me a bit of direction and inspiration. I am definitely guilty of doing a few of these on occasion and it truly does make you miserable. I plan to use this as a guide of what not to do. Here is to hoping for a bit less gloom and doom, and a bit more sunshine and warmth and the arrival of Spring! I hope March is treating you kindly....

xoxo Angie

Credit: By Keri Smith

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  1. You are not the only one :) I have the same problem with being a natural light photographer too it can be frustrating but if it encourages you at all I have seen a lot of pictures taken out in the snow and rain so you should be able to find some :)